ENCOUNTER : organ & taiko concert ~オルガンと太鼓の共演~

By wakyouser on 2016年1月5日 in 未分類

We’ve held the event “Encounters:Organ & Taiko” at the oldest landmark “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam on 11th and 12th April, 2014.
Leonard Eto, Cultural Ambassador to Europe from Japan,
collaborated with contemporary musician Jacob Lekkerkerker and tap dancer Roxane Butterfly
to create a performance which includes Taiko (traditional Japanese drum) and the Great Organ of the Oude Kerk.
The world famous Great Organ of the Oude Kerk, was built in 1724,
and still stands in it’s original home with unrivalled acoustics for more than two centuries.
You can check some videos at that date on Youtube.

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